F. A. Q.

What is Spiritum affiliate.com? 
Spiritum affiliate.com offers esoteric content, ads and promo tools.

What does "Become a Spiritum Affiliate Partner" mean?
Individuals or organizations who own a website can join the affiliate program. They promote the services on our websites, and receive a share after the paying traffic they bring to the site.

What is an affiliate program?
It is a marketing practice in which a business rewards affiliates for each customer brought by the affiliate's marketing efforts. Our affiliate program lets website owners connect to Spiritum Affiliate.com as a partner.

What is the service I would promote on my website?
Spiritum Affiliate partners can promote Spiritum’s online video psychics readings service.

What is ESO.TV?
Spiritum is powered by ESO.TV. ESO.TV is the largest esoteric TV show production company. It also operates websites in several countries where it offers non-stop psychic phone reading service and online video psychics readings.

How can I join the Affiliate Program?
You have to own a website, you have to be an adult (legal age of consent worldwide) and you have to register an account at the Spiritum Affiliate.com website.

How can I earn money through the Affiliate Program?
Place our promotional materials on your website and advertise our service. You will get a share after each sold package from your website. The more people buy on Spiritum, the more share you get.

How can I register to the Affiliate Program?
Click on the Join Our Affiliate Program Now! button and follow instructions.

Why do I have to register?
Without registration we cannot give you a unique code and individual statistics.

I have registered, but I cannot log in. Why?
You have probably missed our email verification message. Please check your email inbox and also your spam folder. If you already verified your email address and you still can’t log in, please contact the Support Team.

I still have not received the verification email. Why?
Please be patient. Servers are not always fast. Try to check your email 1-2 hours after the registration. Don’t forget to check the spam folder as well!
If you have not received the email after a few hours please contact the Support Team.

I have not verified my email address yet. Is my registration valid?
No. Your registration is valid after you get a confirmation email about the successful verification of your email address.

I would like to use the promotional materials, but the system won’t let me. Why? 
These are the most likely reasons:
- Your search parameters did not bring any results. Please try to search for something else. 

What is a promo tool?
A promo tool in the Spiritum Affiliate.com Program can be a banner or live feed banner. This is what you can place on your website.

Which promo tool should I use?
It is completely up to you. You can choose any of the promotional materials available in your country.

What type of promo tools can I use?
Banners, animated banners or live feed banners.

What kind of websites can participate?
The affiliate program is open to any site that are not unlawful, does not promote violence and have similar philosophy as Spiritum Affiliate.com.

Spiritum Affiliate.com reserves the right to check registered websites’ content manually or by automated processes and exclude those which are not in compliance of the above conditions.

Do I get a share after each click on the banners?
No. You receive share after:
- after package purchases on Spiritum.com

How do I get share after customers?
You get share after each package purchase on Spiritum.com. Your share is transferred each month to your PayPal or bank account if the amount reaches the payout limit you set. The lowest payout limit is $100 (USD) per month.

How many visitors do I have to have to be worth joining?
There are no exact numbers. Of course the larger traffic you have the more easily you can get high share, but good promo tool placement, and quality content can make a difference!

I have more websites. Can I join with all of them?
You can promote Spiritum.com on unlimited number of sites.

Why I have not received my share yet?
- Your share has not reached the minimum payout limit yet.
- It is not payout time. We transfer shares 1 time / month on the 15th every month.
- You have given us a wrong PayPal or bank account.

Important note: All the money you collected until the end of a given month will be paid on the 15th of the following month. E.g.: I'm a Spiritum Affiliate and I earned $505 in January. Then I will receive this money amount on February 15th.

What can I do?
Check the following:
1.      Did your share reach the payout limit? ($100)
2.      Is it payout time? (15th of the following month)
3.      Did you give us correct PayPal or bank data?

If the answers is yes to all, please contact the Support Team

What does the minimum payout limit mean?
The minimum payout limit is $100 (USD), but partners can set it higher. ESO.TV transfers money only when the set minimum payout limit is reached. If you reach the limit, you can expect payment in the actual month.

Why is there a $100 (USD) minimum payout limit?
Primarily it has technical reasons, and we believe it will also motive partners more.

What is a PayPal account?
PayPal is a widely spread easy-to-use payment method. ESO.TV transfers money only to PayPal accounts. Read more about PayPal here

I don’t have a PayPal account. Can I get my share somehow without it?
Spiritum Afiliate transfers money to PayPal and to bank accounts. If you do not have a PayPal account, create one. PayPal

What happens if a customer asks for a refund or a chargeback is issued?
You receive a share after credit purchases. If such a purchase (for which you received your share) is refunded or issued a chargeback, the share you earned for that purchase will be subtracted from your current balance. Refunds can occur due to various reasons such as fraud credit card purchase, suspicious order, bank chargebacks etc.

Why is my balance negative?
When refunds occur, the share your earned for the purchase that has been refunded is subtracted from your current balance. If your current balance cannot cover the amount subtracted, your balance will go negative.

For example: A customer made 3 purchases after which you earned a share of $20 each in April, and requested a refund some days later for all 3 purchases. Let's say the refund is processed in May and the customer gets his money back. For you, this means -3x$20 on your balance in May.

What does the type of a promo tool mean?
We have two types of promo tools: banner, flash.

What does the category of a promo tool mean?
This describes the theme of the promo tool: love reading, Christmas reading etc.

What does height and width mean in the promo tools menu?
It describes the height and width of a specific promo tool. This way you can find the good size more easily. If you leave these fields blank, you will see all promo tools that apply to the rest of the search filters.

I cannot see the promo tools. Why?
Your search parameters did not have any results. Change the search criteria.

I would like to quit the program. What can I do?
Remove the promo tools from your websites and please contact the Support Team.

I would like to quit the program. When do I get my share?
If you reached the payout limit you get the share on the next payout day. 

I am participating with more than one website and I would like to see the statistics of the sites separately. Where can I do that?
You can also see statistics of different sites, but unfortunately currently you cannot see stats by website.

I forgot my password. What can I do?
Please click this link and you can get your login data sent to your email address.

The whole share paid out to me is mine?
It is the partner’s responsibility to pay taxes according to the local legislation.